What Is The Cost To Replace Headlights?

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what is the cost to replace headlights?

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The headlights on a vehicle are a crucial safety feature in any vehicle since they produce illumination to see the road ahead of you, especially in low-light conditions like nighttime or during inclement weather. Working headlights also allow other drivers and pedestrians to see your vehicle and to help avoid crashes. After extended years of use, headlights can become cloudy, dim, or burn out, increasing the risk of accidents and reducing visibility. Updating and replacing damaged or old headlights is crucial in ensuring that your vehicle remains safe to drive at night. Additionally, replacing the headlights can also update the look of an older vehicle. Yellowish-tinted or dull headlights can make your vehicle look outdated, while new headlights can give it a polished and fresh style. When upgrading any headlights, choosing original manufacturer bulbs that are made to fit your vehicle is vital. It’s also suggested that drivers replace both headlights simultaneously, even if only one of the headlights is malfunctioning, to ensure consistent lighting and to help avoid uneven wear and tear. Your headlights play a critical part in ensuring pedestrian and driver safety on the road, and replacing them when they begin to fail or even die is an essential part of vehicle maintenance..

OEM Headlights

Aftermarket Lights vs. OEM Headlights

The option between aftermarket or OEM headlights may seem like it depends purely on your budget. OEM lights were designed to fit flawlessly and function optimally with your vehicle but generally cost a little more. Meanwhile, third-party headlights are usually less pricey and offer more customization options. Non-OEM headlights may be appealing due to customization and affordability, but original-manufacturer headlights are the right choice for safety, performance, fit, and finish.

What's Better, Halogen vs. LED Headlights?

Halogen vs. LED

The warm, yellowish-colored headlights that are most often seen on older vehicles are halogen headlights. They are the lowest priced and are easy to replace, but they generally can be hot to the touch and use more energy when compared to LEDs. LED headlights are a relatively new lighting technology, and they have several benefits over standard headlights. Most notably, they are brighter than halogen bulbs, provide more of a white light, generally last longer, and use less power. However, LED headlights are more expensive to buy and could need professional installation.

Cost of Headlight

Cost of Headlight

How much it will cost to replace your headlights will depend on your vehicle, and the style of headlights your vehicle has installed. As stated earlier, halogen headlights will cost less than Xenons but may not last as long, aren’t as efficient, and aren’t as bright. Ask your service professional about options available for upgrade, because we might have OEM Xenon headlights to upgrade the look and brightness of your older vehicle.

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