How Often Should I Change The Cabin Air Filter In My Car?

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how often should i change the cabin air filter in my car?

Find out how often you should change the cabin air filter in your car at Beck & Masten Buick GMC South.

Many factors determine how often you should change your cabin air filter, the most obvious being the manufacturer suggestions. They have spent both money and time designing and building the car, and if you have a normal commute and driving environment, then the suggestions in the owner’s manual are going to be the most accurate. But, if you work in a dirty or even polluted environment or drive significantly more than most drivers, you ought to consider changing your cabin air filter more frequently. However, if you don’t drive all that much, you might be able to delay changing your cabin air filter. A general guideline is to install a new cabin air filter every 12 months, but just remember that if you rack up a bunch of miles on your car or live in an area with high levels of, you may want to change it more often.

Cabin Filter vs Air Filter

How is the Cabin Air Filter Different Than the Air Filter?

While both are designed to purify the air, the engine air filter and cabin air filter serve very different roles. The engine air filter was designed to protect the engine from dirt and debris. Otherwise, debris could potentially enter the engine and cause gradual deterioration and, in serious cases, a total loss of the engine. Meanwhile, the cabin air filter was designed to filter allergens that can come into the vehicle thanks to the heat and air conditioning.

What is Cost of a Cabin Air Filter?

Cabin Air Filter Cost?

The price to replace your clogged cabin air filter depends on several factors, including the size of air filter being used, vehicle age, the make and model of the vehicle, and so on. Some luxury models and imported vehicles may use special air filters that cost a bit extra. Handy owners could be tempted to replace the filter at home, but we highly suggest adding it to your next oil change. This way, you can be sure you are getting genuine OEM components installed by trained staff.

Symptoms of Dirty Cabin Air Filter

What are Signs of a Cabin Air Filter That Needs Changed?

The most obvious sign of a clogged cabin air filter is going to be strange odors. A clogged or dirty cabin air filter is susceptible to moisture buildup, leading to unpleasant odors. Other potential issues may include fogged up windows, reduced airflow, and, in extreme cases, allergic reactions. A clogged air filter may let allergens into the interior, which could make it smelly for everyone. Make sure to follow the manufacturer-suggested air filter replacement schedule for the best air quality.

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