How Much Can the GMC Canyon Tow?

Tow Capacity of the GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon towing capacity is between 3,500-7,600 lbs. In spite of being a midsize truck, the GMC Canyon has a solid towing output hidden in its frame. There are two engine choices for the Canyon: the standard equipped 2.5 L 4cyl. and the available 3.6 L V6 engine. Both when properly equipped and can increase that up to 7,600 lbs. or more with trailering pkg.

GMC Canyon - horsepower

What Is The GMC Canyon Horsepower?

Horsepower of the GMC Canyon is 200-308. The two engines give owners either 200 hp from the standard 2.5 L 4cyl engine or 308 hp if you move up to the 3.6 L V6. These two engines can be mated to two different kinds of transmissions. There is the 6-speed standard or the optional 8-speed. Automatic Transmission. Buyers can choose the transmission they want which will decide how the Canyon can work for them.

GMC Canyon - curb-weight

How Much Does the GMC Canyon Weigh?

The Canyon curb weight comes in at 3,932-4,555 lbs. How much the GMC Canyon weighs is dependent on the model chosen, as well as the engine choice too. The standard Canyon that’s equipped with the standard 2.5 L 4cyl. weighs the lowest. In contrast, the Canyon Denali trim that has the available 3.6 L V6 will have the most weight.

GMC Canyon - ground-clearance

What Is The Ground Clearance of the GMC Canyon?

The Canyon ground clearance is between 8.1-8.4 inches. The clearance is dependent on the frame that is purchased rather than the trim level. The Crew Cab edition has a clearance of 8.1 inches, while the extended cab comes in at 8.4 in. No matter which cab is chosen, owners can anticipate having ample security traversing unstable road conditions.

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