How Long Does Motor Oil Last?

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how long does motor oil last?

How long does motor oil last? Learn more at Beck & Masten Buick GMC South.

Absolutely, your engine oil does expire, whether inside an engine or sitting in storage. However, the expiration date varies significantly if the oil is in a motor vs. sitting in storage. To begin, let’s review the expiration date of motor oil used in an engine. The reason you get oil changes is because the oil is breaking down. As the oil gets used, it loses the capacity to protect the engine as effectively. Used motor oil can also have pollutants that could hurt the engine. Hence, why most vehicle manufacturers suggest changing your motor oil roughly every 5k miles. How often you change the oil depends on the local climate, your driving habits, and age of your vehicle. Be sure to consult with your service advisor to help find the right oil change interval for your car. The expiration of oil sitting in storage is much longer, as the oil has not been exposed to the elements, contaminants, or the internals of a running engine.

Does Motor Oil Have a Shelf Life?

How Long Does Unused Motor Oil Last?

If stored properly in its manufacturer’s sealed packaging, the life span of oil could be as high as 5 years. This life span may also vary depending on the storage conditions, with exposure to heat being problematic. If you have a vintage automobile that has been in storage for a while, the shelf life of its oil will be much shorter. The oil may have been exposed to the engine’s inner workings (and possibly other contaminants) even if it wasn’t driven for a while.

Is It Worth It To Use Expired Oil In Your Car?

Can You Use Expired Oil In Your Car?

It is not recommended to use old oil due to its lowered ability to lubricate important engine components. Expired oil can contain contaminants and particles that may block the engine and possibly result in damage. When you consider that a quart of motor oil costs only a few dollars, it is not worth the risk of using old oil that may lead to engine damage and cause thousands of dollars in repair bills. Using new oil helps ensure that your engine is adequately lubricated and guarded against excessive damage. It is recommended to use premium motor oil and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule to keep your engine operating efficiently and prevent expensive repairs. Spending a small amount of money now to change the expired oil will potentially save you in the future.

Symptoms of Bad Motor Oil?

Symptoms of Expired Oil?

The clearest sign of expired oil is the oil life light on your vehicle’s dashboard. Additional signs of expired engine oil include diminished fuel economy, more engine noise, an illuminated check engine light, or even an odor of burning oil. If your oil seems darkened, gritty, or thick and sludgy to the touch, it means that it needs to be replaced. Clean oil looks somewhat clear with a light brown color. When you have a regular maintenance schedule that includes changing your oil, you can decrease the amount of old oil circulating in your engine. This may lead to improved engine performance and help with enhanced durability for your car.

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