What Is The Difference Between Shocks and Struts On A Vehicle?

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what is the difference between shocks and struts on a vehicle?

Know what the difference is between shocks and struts on a vehicle from Beck & Masten Buick GMC South.

Shocks and struts play a crucial function on your car, but they are made in wholly different ways. Both shock absorbers and struts are key to the suspension and how it handles the road below it. The perfect suspension system helps with the ride quality and handling of your car, so great struts and shocks can help create the best ride possible. Shocks have a smaller role in the suspension system focusing only on spring and suspension movement. While the struts also smooth out bumps from the road, they also serve more of a structural role by bringing support to the chassis of the vehicle, especially when you’re driving offroad. Both are there to ensure that each drive you take is as good as the last one, so keeping them in the best condition will benefit you greatly.

How Do I Know If The Shocks and Struts Are Bad?

How Do Drivers Know If My Shock Absorbers Are Bad?

The simplest way to identify that your struts are failing is if the car doesn’t seem quite right. These small differences in performance can be big indicators of issues. Tiny things like the vehicle leaning too far while turning, your vehicle bouncing more than normal over small bumps, or just problems handling of your car can be some simple insights that your vehicle may need suspension repair. So when you jump behind the wheel, take a moment to evaluate any differences in the vehicle’s performance, and if you feel like something is wrong, our trained service technicians are ready to assist you.

What Do Shocks Do?

What Do Shock Absorbers Do?

Shock absorbers help control the suspension travel on your vehicle for maximum performance. Shock absorbers are important for your car because, without them, the vehicle won’t be able to handle most bumps. If you’re the risk-taking type and love to tackle the road less traveled, some beefy shocks can go a long way toward making sure you’re having a good time. On a fast car, drivers generally want a stiff suspension for improved cornering abilities, while drivers of a luxury car may need a softer suspension for a relaxing ride.

What Are Struts On A Car?

What Do Struts Do?

Struts have 2 specific functions on a vehicle, first, they help absorb bumps in the road, but they also provide structural integrity for the vehicle. While each component is instrumental in each drive you take in the vehicle, struts have a more overarching purpose on the vehicle. Performance struts are crafted to give your vehicle impressive performance when driving at high speeds, and struts for a Sport Utility Vehicle may need to balance aggressive offroad characteristics while also giving drivers increased control.

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