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Buick GMC Battery Light Symbol

buick gmc battery light symbol

Beck & Masten Buick GMC South is happy to help you know what it means when your Buick GMC battery light symbol is on.

If the car battery indicator comes on only when you start your car, that is a routine system check. If it stays on while you’re driving, then there’s probably something that needs to be repaired. If you’re having issues with the battery, you may find that the headlights aren’t as bright, the stereo may not turn on, and the windows are moving slower. If you see any of these things happening, then you need to get to your destination or bring it here to us ASAP because your vehicle is in imminent danger of being inoperable. If neither place is an option, find a safe place to stop and park.

Why Does The Car Battery Light Turn On?

What Causes The Car Battery Light To Turn On?

There are a lot of reasons why the car battery light might come on, but generally, the reasons are:

  • A dying car battery
  • Failing car battery connections
  • Car battery connections that are loose
  • Failing alternator
  • Failing serpentine belts

Your vehicle does its best with a fully-charged battery. Any of these problems will make it extremely difficult for your battery to get a charge. If it is not corrected soon, it may drain all of the power from your battery and leave you stranded.

How Long Before My Car Dies If The Car Battery Light Is On?

How Far Before My Car Shuts Down If The Car Battery Light Is On?

Like most things car-related, how far you can continue to drive with the car battery light on really depends on your circumstances. If the car battery light just turned on, you can help mitigate the problem by turning off all non-vital systems like the infotainment system or AC and disconnecting any phones that may be connected to USB slots. This can boost the leftover battery life, but you should come here or return home. The important thing is to NOT shut off the engine because a dying battery will not have the power to start.

What Can I Do To Repair My Car Battery Warning Light?

My Car Battery Light Is On, How Do I Repair It?

If there is a safe place to park, at the very least, you can pop the hood and examine your car battery for rust on the battery terminals or a loose cable. Besides those quick looks, the best way to fix the car battery light is to bring it here. Our skilled technicians have the specialized tools and skills to diagnose the issue. They will analyze everything from the health of your battery to looking at your alternator and then recommend the best plan to fix your car.

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